Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Theme, Blueprint, and Steps

My theme is Edgar Allan Poe Stories.
The title for my machine is Back From The Edge.

A cat yo-yo is released (A) unwinding and spinning the raven tumbler. (B) A raven then pushes on a hinge causing an eye ball to roll down an inclined plane. (C) This eye ball continues to roll until it collides with an eye ball yo-yo which starts to roll. (D) The eye ball yo-yo which is attached to a axe falls off the track pulling the axe down. (E) The axe hits a weight which then falls off of its stand. (F) This weight pulls on a string that winds through a pulley to pull the elevator up 35 centimeters. (G) This elevator then hits the pulley and stops causing its hatch to fall open letting the train roll out. (H) This train then falls onto a first level lever due to gravity causing a wall to tip over. (I) This wall tips over and knocks into another eye ball causing it to roll. (J) Continuing to roll the eye ball hits an eye ball yo-yo and stops causing the yo-yo to start rolling. (K) This eye ball yo-yo drops and swings hitting an eye ball   causing it to roll away from the pit. (L) Being attached to the person in peril it pulls against them causing them to fall backwards and saving them from the pit. 

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