Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Simple Machines

I have incorporated four different simple machines into my Rube Goldberg machine. They are the inclined plane, the wheel and axle, the pulley, and the first level lever. Each helps to complete my simple task. An inclined plane is a ramp or surface that is not horizontally level. It typically is used to move things from one height to another. An example of this is any ramp. When entering a building that has steps there is typically a ramp nearby. This ramp can be used for things that roll and very heavy objects. These object can be pushed or pulled up the ramp. A wheel and axle is made of two pieces. There is a wheel and an axle. These pieces are connected firmly so that when one turns the other turns with it. The wheel and axle is commonly used to lift weights. An example of this can be found at a well. The bucket hangs on a string which is attached to an axle. That axle is attached to either a wheel or a hand crank. When cranking on the handle the rope wind around the axle and the bucket raises. A pulley is also a tool used to lift weights. A pulley works when a rope or string is put over its axle. One end of this rope is tied to the object that movement is desired for. The other end gets held by a person and is pulled on. If the person can exert enough force on the rope they can lift the object. Each pulley added can help  to lift heavier object with less effort. A first level lever is a length of sturdy material that is wedged under an object and over a fulcrum or its pivot point. When force is exerted on the side that has nothing on it, force is transferred and the other object is lifted. The closer the pivot point to the object desired to be lifted, and the longer the length of material, e.i. wood or metal, the more force is exerted on the object for the same amount of force exerted on the opposite end. These machines are simple which is why they are called simple. Most that are used aren't recognized. My inclined planes are ramps. My wheel and axle is a tumbler. My pulley is a pulley, as all pulleys are typically. My first level lever is a lever that is used to tip a wall.

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